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Starbucks: Clean Up Your Supply Chain

Starbucks must take responsibility for the workers who build their profits. Starbucks shareholders are gathering inside the WaMu theater in Seattle, celebrating record billions in profits while failing to take responsibility for the problems in its supply chain. United Farm Workers leaders, activists and allies are holding vigil outside the shareholders’ meeting on March 20.

Dairy farm workers in Washington State are facing serious labor abuses while working to produce the milk Starbucks uses. Dairy workers employed on Darigold member dairies in the Pacific Northwest have faced sexual harassment, wage theft and other violations of labor law. To make matters worse, many workers have been retaliated against for speaking out, lost their jobs and been personally sued for complaining about not receiving legally mandated breaks.

From Farm to Frappuccino:

Starbucks is a major buyer of milk from Darigold member dairies. Around 90% of the dairies in Washington State are Darigold-member farms. (The Darigold milk in a Starbucks store is usually not packaged as ‘Darigold’ brand.)

Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment and discrimination are ongoing problems at Darigold member farms. The harassers keep their jobs, and the women get fired. Maria Gonzalez, a dairy worker and labor activist held her employer accountable via the EEOC for sexual harassment and won a settlement- now she is fighting on behalf of other women facing similar situations.

Starbucks Consumers Deserve Better:

Starbucks needs to assure customers that their code of conduct is respected. Starbucks’ mission statement talks about inspiring and nurturing the human spirit . To date, consumers, elected officials, even dairy workers themselves have called on Starbucks corporate headquarters to live up to this mission and take action. Nothing has changed.

How you can help:

Visit for ways to support dairy workers.

Tweet your message to

@Starbucks (and follow @UFWupdates!)

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